Uni-app consulting
 Custom made IT solutions for your business

Are you a software developer?

Uni-app want´s to grow! Our customers have a high demand for new consultants to help with their business applications.

Our customers are companies in the Automotive and telecom industries in Sweden.

We want to meet that demand by hiring new Software Developers with experience on business applications for Backend, Frontend or both. 

Do you have experience working in Agile projects with modern frameworks in some of these areas?

  • Frontend solutions (Angular, React, Vue) 
  • Backend solutions Microservices, Cloud (Azure, Google Cloud, AWS), etc 


Come work with us!

Send us your CV. We are looking forward meeting you to talk about the projects we are helping our customers with.

Technical knowledge and experience are important, but we value that you also

  • like teamwork
  • are good at taking initiative.
  • have good skills communicating in English.
  • put your team and product delivery before prestige.
  • are good at learning new technologies 
  • love to share your knowledge with teammates
  • understand problems and how to solve them with quality and readable code 

Please do not hesitate to contact us for further questions.